Community Unity & Beautification - CUB

CUB is the acronym for the innovative project called Community Unity and Beautification. It's mission is

"To revitalize community pride by inspiring residents, volunteers, businesses and governmental agencies to unite and work towards neighbourhood safety, beautification and social awareness."

Project CUB is an initiative under which various other projects are developed. The launch of CUB occurred in Florida on August 17, 2003 and it was here that the first project of CUB took place. Persons from the community and volunteers from local businesses worked together to clear away bush from private and public properties which gave the community a refreshing and inviting vibe. This project also allowed the community to be more accessible to the residents and visitors.


Below is an example of the hard work these dedicated volunteers put in to revitalise the area.


                       137th Street Before                                                                   137th Street After

The outcome of this project and the effort and attitudes put towards it was the very embodiment of the mission of CUB and was a tremendous start and example of its mission to future projects of CUB.

(Click here to view the stories of some of the volunteers who took part in this initiative.)

Since then, CUB conducted another clean-up project on November 14th, 2004. This involved the clearance of a basketball court located behind the YEA! Building in Florida. It rallied the support of the Parks and Recreation Department, the Hispanic community, the 'Cross Fletcher Neighbourhood Association, the USF Honours College Pillars, and property owners within the area whereby the community members and volunteers worked diligently to clear the area and make it a safer place for children.

CUB is now being implemented in Barbados and its first project called "De Blue and Green Gully" is already underway.


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