De Blue and Green Gully - DeBaGG

DeBaGG is an environmental project.  Our goals:



Reduce Soil Erosion

The slopes leading to gullies are prone to erosion due to the steep gradient and are often sites for illegal dumping.  DeBaGG is focused on mitigating soil erosion by terracing the gully slopes with stones and from logs cut from broken trees we then plant a variety of grass, flowers, shrubs and trees that hold the soil together and beautify the slopes, while providing inputs for environmentally products for home care and personal care.   The aloe vera barbadensis is a signature plant of DeBaGG as we use the gel for products.

Repurpose Seaweed

Climate change is a universal problem. Specifically in Barbados, the annual problem of sargassum seaweed proliferating our renown white sand beaches is challenging the livelihood of fisherfolk, tourism workers and others who support the blue economy.

The "Blue" in DeBaGG refers to the two ways we are using seaweed:

  1. As compost and fertilizer for the variety of plants on the gully slopes. 
  2. We are working with The University of the West Indies to extract alginates (gel) for use in our products.

Research & Development

An exciting part of DeBaGG is exploring the development of environmentally friendly personal care and home care products using the plants in De Gully.  We are particularly interested in the use of the sargassum seaweed alginates, aloe vera gel, bay leaf and rosemary, to name a few.  Look out for more information as DeBaGG progresses and learn more about our plants.

Raise Awareness

Our student volunteers have researched and documented the contents of popular home-care and personal-care products.  They have identified contents which we inhale, apply to our skin, affects our eyes, lungs, reproductive systems and more.  DeBaGG seeks to raise awareness, and to empower consumers to improve their general health and well-being by "Going Greener".

Recognize Alternatives

Look out for the DeBaGG logo on our product soon. These will range from moisturizing hand sanitizer with aloe vera and seaweed gel, to soaps and teas to unique nutmeg treats.



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