Maps Overview

The photos and maps below show the wider area, then zoom in to show the specific target areas for the pilot of the blue and green gully.


Location Details

While the Easy Hall plantation shown at the top left of the outer yellow brackets in figure 1 is in St. Joseph, its lands and fields extend partially into St. John and the area shown on the map as “Venture”, specifically Venture #2.  The area is therefore historically known and referred to by residents and people in surrounding areas as Easy Hall, and is differentiated as Easy Hall, St. John and Easy Hall, St. Joseph. 




Easy Hall can be accessed from St. Joseph as well as from St. John. There is an overgrown gully that threatens to divide the two sections. Over time residents have created tracks, and in recent years a bridge has been built over that section of the gully to ensure that the Easy Hall Community remains connected physically as well as socially and by family.  The bridge starts at the end of the cul-de-sac at the end of Venture #2 and ends at the recognized start of Easy Hall, St. Joseph. See figures 2 and 3.